Timeliness for companies in tourist section

Europe 3000 with seat at Bergamo, is an Agency of Research / Selection of Human resources specialised in the Restorative Hotel Tourist sector with wide references.

Europe 3000 promotes Formative Projects for young students close to companies of the sector for a PERIOD that goes to the 3 to 6 MONTHS.

The announced students, all ADULTS, are kept busy in courses of study of the hotel - tourist sector, selected by the school of origin based on educational merits and linguistic knowledge of Your asked.

As well as the add value given by the knowledge of their mother tongue, before the training the students attend an Italian language base course in their Nation.

The disposable figures are:




Each boy will be fortify with special private assurance and will be an interest of the Italian school of reference to provide for the insurance covering National Institute for Insurance against Accidents and RC(except different local normative dispositions).

The Agency lends his SUPPORT activity the COMPANY, beforehand and during the unwinding of the training, maintaining the connections between the belonging foreign school, the Italian school of reference and the student.

The Agency carries ASSISTANCE out 24 HOURS ON 24 to the held companies, having a capillary organisation and availing itself of the help of all it interprets them for each country of origin of the student.

Why not to value this timeliness for YOUR Company?

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